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India is a land of different cultures the diverse climatic and physical conditions, the magnitude of exposure of various cultures have lead to a huge degree of influence on the cultures and traditions in almost all the regions. India’s greatness also lies in the fact that the best has been accepted from the invaders and there has been an intermixing in the new styles and customs that already existed. This fact is visible in almost every aspect - paintings, dance, music, architecture and sculpture.

Indian history and its art are bound together by the geographical nature to a large extent. The Indian myths have a great influence on art since these myths have been voiced by the art and artifacts. Art is given to religion; it depicts life which is explained in philosophy and religion of India.

Therefore Indian art is said to be religious, sacerdotal, or to put it in simple words; traditional. So the purpose of Indian art was to teach people for great causes, which control spiritual, celestial and material worlds. And this was done by various forms of art which was depicted in the architecture, sculptures and the pictures.

The art form of painting has been there in India from a long time. It is apparent from the leftover parts which have been discovered by the historians. Indian paintings can be categorized as murals and miniatures. Murals are the huge pictures that are painted on the walls and other structures. Miniature paintings are the ones which are made on material which is subject to decay like cloth, wood, paper, etc. these were more in fashion in Mughal and Rajasthan art.

Nowadays, the Indian artists have been working hard to keep up with the times and the changing tastes of the people and are expressing their artistic freedom and imagination more freely than in the past. New themes are being expressed nowadays instead of the previous religious type of themes. Artists now choose nature, portraits, landscapes, etc to express their talents. So we can say that Indian art’s face is changing with times. Now the paintings are brought at an unimaginable price in various auctions that are held by various art galleries. Exhibitions are also being held abroad since there is a huge fan following of Indian art in various countries.

Not everyone can get the original work of art, so here the fine art comes to the rescue of the art lovers who cannot afford to buy the original ones due to shortage or non availability. So the prints of the original work can be bought at a very reasonable price and these are available on the canvas.


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